Engaging Tips to Learn Chinese

Three Engaging Chinese Learning Tips for Kids

To make Chinese learning fun and interesting, parents can take reference from the tips below to create a stimulating and joyful environment for their kids.

Tip 1: Provoke Interest in Studying

Interest is the first step toward learning, and it motivates children to keep learning and remember what they learn.

Children enjoy spending time with their parents. Here are some things parents can do:


Create a Chinese Corner at home

Set up the corner according to your child's interests. For example, if your child is interested in animals, you can collect Chinese storybooks and picture cards related to animals and decorate the corner together with your kid.


Set a daily Chinese time

Spend time every day with your child in the Chinese Corner to read Chinese storybooks or sing Chinese nursery rhymes. You can also watch Chinese cartoons with your child.

Tip 2: Step by Step

As your child becomes more interested, start learning from the basics, from characters and words, then gradually to sentences and passages.
Parents can help your child with these steps:


Develop a reading habit

Cultivate the habit of reading Chinese every day. You may start by reading Chinese on your own (or using a Reading Pen), then gradually move on to let your child read along with you. Eventually, you can ask your child to read independently and to read to other family members.


Do revision

Go over the Chinese words learned from storybooks and at school.


Design the child's own Chinese word bank

Besides reading storybooks, you can encourage your child to look up Chinese words in daily life, such as words that appear in MTR stations, shops, and food menus. Record and learn new words in daily life, and add them to the child's own Chinese word bank.

Tip 3: Immerse in and Practise

Practice makes perfect. Applying and practising frequently what the child has learned can help him/her master Chinese more quickly.
Parents can help by doing the following:


Be a role model in speaking Chinese with your child at home.


Encourage your child to attend community activities or interest classes in Chinese provided by the school.


Encourage your child to interact with CS classmates and make friends with them.


Motivate your child to use Chinese in daily life, such as using Chinese to order food in fast food shops.

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