Kindergarten to Primary School Transition Support

Helping Your Child's Transition to Primary School

Your child's transition from kindergarten to primary school is an important stage. The Project has highlighted areas of focus and starting school resources to empower ethnic minority parents to make informed decisions about school selection. For more information on how to help children ease into a new phase of education, please visit our Resource Corner.

Key Stages of Applying for Primary School

The application for primary school starts as early as the second semester of lower kindergarten (K2), and completes by the end of upper kindergarten (K3). The following are key stages of applying for primary schools.

Stage 1


Filling in the P.1 application form

You will have to fill in an application form and indicate your preferred school choice. If you have a specific primary school in mind, you may apply for a Discretionary Place, where you directly submit the form to one desired school.

Learn more about the Primary One Admission System here.

Stage 2

November - December

Central allocation

If you have no specific schools in mind, or if your application for a Discretionary Place is unsuccessful as announced in November, you will automatically participate in the "Central Allocation" stage in December. You will fill in another application form to make multiple school choices at this stage.

Stage 3


Knock the door

In case you are not satisfied with the school assigned in Stage Two, you may have the final chance to apply for your desired school. This is known informally as the "Knock the Door" stage, where you prepare portfolios and letters to apply for your desired school individually.

Top Tips for Applying to Primary Schools

Q&A 1

Where can I find online resources for primary school selection?

When considering your school choices, you may want to learn more about the background of schools. Register the Resource Corner for further information on how to choose a suitable school for your child.

Q&A 2

Which factors should I consider when selecting primary schools?

Learning Chinese is an important factor to consider when choosing primary schools. Some schools offer an easier Chinese curriculum, while some offer a normal and often more difficult Chinese curriculum. Learn more about the pros and cons of different Chinese curriculums on the Resource Corner.

Q&A 3

What should I include in portfolios & letters?

When applying for a desired school, you will submit a portfolio and a letter of interest so schools can learn more about your child's abilities and interests. Discover tips to create good portfolios and letters on the Resource Corner.

Adapting to Primary School

To help your child adapt to a new environment, parents can pay attention to the following four key aspects during the transition from kindergarten to primary school:

To learn more about the steps of applying for primary schools, as well as practical ways to help your child transition to primary school smoothly, register and visit our Resource Corner for more resources on interface between kindergartens and primary schools.

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