About C-for-Chinese@JC

We believe that if children in kindergartens can acquire better Chinese proficiency at that young age, that firm language foundation will not only support their transition into Primary Schools but their learning in the long term. By fostering Home-School-Community collaborations to support children with Culturally Responsive Lens, the Project strives to create a joyful and effective environment that improves Chinese learning of ethnic minority and Chinese kindergarten students.

For Educators and Social Workers

The "Culturally Responsive Education Benchmarks" (CREBM) is a systematic evidence-based framework to promote Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) from policy to practice in local Kindergartens. In line with Education Bureau's Performance Indicators for Kindergartens, the benchmarks serve as a tool for schools to conduct self-reflection and self-evaluation while incorporating CRE into school development, teacher professionalism, learning and teaching, and the home-school-community partnership.

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We have developed a series of early childhood education resources for educators and social workers to help promote Chinese language ability and socioemotional competence for both Chinese and non-Chinese speaking students. These include Story books, Videos and Kid songs for children, Chinese Learning activities and games. All teaching and learning resources of the Project are currently available to families and teachers of the Project kindergartens.

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To join as Network school, please get in touch with us at c4chinese@hkjc.org.hk. We will contact you for the application details.

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About Professional Development

We have developed a series of Professional Development Programmes (PDPs) for school leaders, educators, social service professionals, Multicultural Teaching Assistants, and Multicultural Learning Facilitators. These diploma courses and training will equip educators and social workers with professional knowledge and skills in Culturally Responsive Education.

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For Parents

To create a joyful and effective learning environment at home, parents of Network Schools can join Parent Academy to learn effective ways to engage with their children. Apart from downloading Parent-child Learning Apps, parents can also register for Resource Corner access to storybooks and tips on how to adapt to primary school life.

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The transition from Kindergarten to Primary School is an important stage in child development, especially for ethnic minority students. To boost self-confidence and stay motivated in a new environment, it is recommended that parents can pay attention to the following three key aspects of adaptation – school life, learning attitudes, and the Chinese language. Parents are welcome to get in touch with our partner NGOs to join workshops in the Parent Academy to help the children get ready for primary school.

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Children can join our Reading Scheme which aims to extend their Chinese learning hours after school. The scheme will provide intensive support to K1 - P3 ethnic minority students who need extra support in literacy development after school. There are the School-based Reading Scheme for the Project Network Schools or Community Based Reading Scheme for parents to enroll their children in.

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About the Resource Corner

If you have forgotten your login details and cannot retrieve the details, you can email us at c4chinese@hkjc.org.hk. Please provide your registered email, full name, and your organisation (if any), and we will help you retrieve your login details.

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