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About Culturally Responsive Service

Culturally Responsive Service (CRS) is a social service practice based on the core value of Cultural Responsiveness (CR). It refers to services that maximise respect for and relevance to the beliefs, practices, culture and language of diverse populations, particularly those from ethnic minority communities. A culturally responsive system values the core principles of equality, acceptance and inclusiveness, and embraces diverse cultural spirits to deliver services that meet the unique needs of each community and in a way that beneficiaries can better understand.

Service Contents

Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) ethnic minority (EM) students lack context for Chinese learning, so it is crucial to create a good learning environment for them in the community and at home in addition to schools. Based on the concept of CR, the Project designs and implements various community and family support services, including:

Parent Academy

Parent Academy

Conduct systematic workshops to share methods of supporting children, community resources that can be utilised, and enhance parents' understanding of the local school system

Inclusive Cultural Activities

Provide opportunities for children and parents to learn interactively in the community and participate in cultural exchange activities, turning textbook knowledge into personal experiences

Training for Social Workers and Multicultural Learning Facilitators

Provide professional training on CRS for frontline workers

The Project also actively shares experiences with various non-governmental organisations (NGOs), provides resources with a goal to promote the concept of CR to other service units, and provides high-quality services with culturally responsive elements for more NCS EM families.

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