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Educators and
Social Workers

Educators and
Social Workers

Professional teaching benchmarks, schemes and resources to help kindergarten school students learn Chinese more effectively.



All the parent workshops, learning materials, and resources to help your children learn Chinese at home.

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Project Highlights

Professional Development

Early childhood education courses and training programmes that help educators and social workers develop their culturally responsive teaching and service careers.

Parent Academy

Workshops and short-term courses for parents to help them create a fun and effective Chinese learning environment for their children.


Children's storybooks can help ethnic minority students learn Chinese. The Project has designed a variety of Chinese storybooks, covering a wide range of topics. Teachers and parents can download these storybooks for free and use them to improve children's Chinese proficiency. Shared reading is also a great way to bond with children and cultivate children's socioemotional competence!

Child Development: Learning and Teaching, School Culture and Student Support, Management and Organisation

Culturally Responsive Education Benchmarks

Culturally Responsive Education Benchmarks (CREBM) are a set of practical frameworks that aim to enhance the Chinese learning and social-emotional competence of ethnic minority and Chinese students, as well as their transition to primary education.

Impact Stories


Learn how school leaders, teachers, and multicultural teaching assistants benefit from professional training and resources to truly engage students in learning Chinese.


Testimonials of ethnic minority parents gaining confidence in supporting their children's learning of Chinese and understanding the education system in Hong Kong.


Stories of ethnic minority students learning Chinese more easily, adapting to school more joyfully and enjoying a positive learning environment at school and home.

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