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‘Empowering Teachers to Embrace Culturally Responsive Teaching and Social and Emotional Learning in Classrooms’ Course

Since 2022, the C-for-Chinese@JC project has introduced this course specifically targeting kindergarten teachers from schools participating in the Kindergarten Education Scheme. This course aims to enhance teachers' knowledge and understanding of the process, rationale, and concept of Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) and explores the application of Funds of Knowledge ( FoK ) in school settings.

The course content encompasses various principles and approaches to CRE, the advantages of using FoK, teaching and learning Chinese as a second language, social-emotional learning, theories of social integration, and how to use the performance indicators for kindergartens to examine teaching and children’s development.

The course also includes the use of storybooks and play-based learning activities for language and social-emotional development, methods to facilitate a smooth transition from kindergarten to primary school as well as strategies to work with Multicultural Teaching Assistants (MTAs) in promoting home-school cooperation.

This course has been recognised by Education Bureau as a course for supporting non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students since November 2022.

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