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About Community-based Reading Scheme

Reading is a very essential part of the second language learning for young children. It helps children develop vocabulary and learn about correct language structures, while being an effective means of learning about cultures.

C-for-Chinese@JC provides reading support for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) ethnic minority (EM) students to strengthen their language foundation in preparation for a smoother transition from kindergarten to primary school. In addition to the school-based Reading Scheme, a community-based Reading Scheme has been rolled out to extend out-of-school reading opportunities and enhance students' Chinese abilities.

Support Mode

Taking the community as a unit, the Community-based Reading Scheme leverages community resources and networks, such as public libraries and other community hubs of NGOs, to provide reading sessions for effectively serving more NCS EM students in need.

The Community-based Reading Scheme extends their Chinese learning hours by providing fun after-school activities to support school-based Culturally Responsive Education (CRE). Meanwhile, the Scheme also acts as a bridge to foster cross-cultural understanding and mutual respect among Chinese-Speaking (CS) and NCS EM students for social inclusion.

Become a Reading Ambassador Today!

Reading Ambassadors will provide community-based reading workshops to NCS EM students either in-person or online.

Join us as a Reading Ambassador alongside 400+ university students, teachers, retired teachers, and volunteers to support the Reading Scheme and let more students benefit from the scheme!

Get in touch with us to learn more about the Reading Scheme (Community-based).

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