Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Supporting Learning and Teaching for Non-Chinese Speaking Children)

Train up Multicultural Teaching Assistants (MTAs) for the Sector from D(ECE) Programme

Programme Code: A1E001

Programme Highlights

Hong Kong has seen a gradual change in population mix in the past two decades as a multilingual and multicultural society. The D(ECE) programme is a promising response to the education provision for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

The programme nurtures a new generation of Multicultural Teaching Assistants (MTAs) with language proficiency, pedagogy, and positive attitudes. As a result, the MTAs can support preschool teachers and community service workers to reinforce the learning of ethnic minority students, support culturally responsive practices, and enhance social inclusion and early childhood education.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Comprising ten taught courses and a Practicum, the one-year full-time programme offers opportunities for participants to put what they learn into practice to support the learning of ethnic minority students as well as Chinese-speaking students. The MTAs will also support cultural diversity to take shape in school settings and, in a broader sense, help acknowledge cultural diversity within a dominant culture like the Hong Kong setting.

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Medium of Instructions

Based on the course nature and teaching content, six courses will be taught in English and five courses will be taught in Cantonese.

Tuition Fee and Studentship

  • It is a FREE and recognized study programme.
  • Monthly allowance will be granted to eligible students for a maximum of nine months during the normal study period.

Entrance Requirements

Applicants are eligible to apply through the Direct Application route if they:

  1. have obtained in the HKDSE (a) Level 1 or above in Chinese Language* and English Language; and (b) 6 points or above in the best five subjects; or
  2. possess other equivalent qualifications; or
  3. are mature applicants (aged 21 or above by 1 September 2023) who can demonstrate academic ability and commitment to study in the programme.

*Alternative qualifications in Chinese Language include GCE, GCSE, IGCSE, and HKDSE Applied Learning Chinese.

Having knowledge of one or more ethnic minority languages (e.g. Hindi, Urdu, Nepali) will be an advantage.

Career Prospects

Graduates can work as teaching assistants in kindergartens and non-formal education agencies to facilitate and support the achievements of ethnic minority children. Graduates may continue their professional development by enrolling in a higher diploma programme that will carry them up the ladder towards becoming qualified teachers in the field of early childhood education, particularly in support of ethnic minority children.

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