The C-for-Chinese@JC provides ethnic minority parents with the parent workshops and resources they need to create a joyful and effective learning environment at home, which will help their children transition smoothly into primary school with better Chinese language skills.

Parent Academy

Parent workshops to equip ethnic minority parents to facilitate their children's learning in kindergarten schools by using a Culturally Responsive Service approach.

Kindergarten to Primary School Transition

Starting school resources for ethnic minority parents to help children transition from kindergarten to primary school.

Useful Links

Useful links on education in Hong Kong and Chinese learning for ethnic minority parents.

Register for the Resource Corner

Sign up for our online portal to access storybooks, kids' songs, Chinese learning games, and more.

  • Select your role (i.e. Parents). Click "Register" to proceed.
  • Fill in the account details, including username, email, school name and your name.
  • After you receive the verification email, click the link and change your password on the Resource Corner.
  • Your registration will be approved within 2 days. We will send you an activation email for you to log in.

Impact Stories

Parent Workshops Support Ethnic Minority Parents and Children to Learn Chinese

Parent Workshops Support Ethnic Minority Parents and Children to Learn Chinese

Ethnic minority (EM) parents often find it challenging to support their children's studies and growth because of language barriers and cultural differences. EM children may require more than just a few hours of class time in schools to practice and learn the local language. How can EM parents support their children?

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