Multicultural Learning Facilitators

Multicultural Learning Facilitator Training Programme

The C-for-Chinese@JC project has introduced the multicultural learning facilitator training programme, aiming to cultivate a new generation of Multicultural Learning Facilitators (MLF) who can provide services to schools or communities with diverse cultural backgrounds. This programme provides systematic training with a balance of theory and practice, closely connecting the professional and vocational fields. It also cultivates MLFs to become advocates for Culturally Responsive Education (CRE), actively providing culturally responsive teaching or services to promote social integration.

Programme Features

  1. Integrate theory with practice and apply the acquired knowledge to practice.
  2. Help the MLFs develop their capacities and encourage them to learn continuously and progressively through different modes of systematic training.
  3. Experienced social workers or teachers will provide professional supervision and progressive follow-up sessions of vocational counselling services for participants of differentiated modes.
  4. Apply Cultural Responsiveness (CR) theory in each session to facilitate the MLFs to conduct their work duties.

Programme Contents

The four categories of thematic courses focus on different types of knowledge and skills, including:

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