Social Service Professional Training

Professional Training for Social Workers

Training will be provided to social workers serving non-Chinese speaking (NCS) ethnic minority (EM) families on the theme of cultural responsiveness (CR) and culturally responsive service (CRS), as well as practical knowledge and resources, in order to enhance the capability of social workers from different fields when offering service to NCS EM families.

Training Contents

The Professional Training consists of five parts:

Part 1: Understanding Culture

Gain knowledge about how different cultures influence people's lifestyles and values, and learn about the concept of Fund of Knowledge (FoK) and its relationship with effective learning.

Part 2: Cultural Responsiveness

Explore the concept of CR in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, explain its relationship with the daily work of social services, provide cultural sensitivity training to participants, and enhance their ability to serve NCS EM families in the future.

Part 3: Application of the Cultural Responsiveness Concept - Culturally Responsive Service

Introduce how the concept of CR can be applied to the “Home-School-Community” model, and how social workers can use their expertise and skills to integrate the concept into daily services. This section provides practical application suggestions and guidelines, making it easy for participants to apply what they learn.

Part 4: Application Strategies (Scenario Discussions Included)

Use scenario discussions to explain how the CRS concept can be applied in case interventions. Understand the characteristics and needs of NCS EM families.

Part 5: Community Resources

Share practical community resources to assist participants to serve NCS EM families more effectively.

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