Parent Academy Awards & Multicultural Harmony Fun Day

Parent Academy Awards & Multicultural Harmony Fun Day

In order to encourage non-Chinese speaking (NCS) ethnic minority (EM) parents to develop their children's learning abilities and promote multicultural inclusion, the C-for-Chinese@JC project recently successfully held the Parent Academy Awards & Multicultural Harmony Fun Day on 17 June 2023, over 300 adults and children from diverse cultural backgrounds attended.

In addition to honouring parents who have been actively supporting their children's learning journey, there were fantastic performances by Parent Academy participants. Additionally, there were a series of booth games and experiential workshops focusing on cultural diversity and exploring Chinese learning, creating an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for all.

Welcoming Speech and Guest Group Photo

Ms. Nicole Li, Senior Manager, Charities, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, representative of C-for-Chinese@JC project delivers welcoming speech

Group photo of Ms. Susanna Wu, Service Coordinator from Hong Kong Christian Service Multicultural, Rehabilitation & Community Service (1st left), Mr. Jonathan Chan, Senior Service Coordinator from Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Lady MacLehose Centre (2nd left), Dr. Sau-yan Hui, Lecturer of Academic Unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership, The University of Hong Kong (3rd left), Ms. Nicole Li (2nd right), Dr. Tikky To-Chan , Adjunct Assistant Professor of Centre for Child and Family Science, The Education University of Hong Kong (1st right)


Presentation of Appreciation Certificates to Project Schools

Thanks to the support of 16 project schools, the Project’s Parent Academy held in the 2022-2023 successfully attracted a total of 782 parent participations.

Ms. Susanna Wu (4th left) presents appreciation certificates to the project schools

Mr. Jonathan Chan (1st right) presents appreciation certificates to the project schools


Award Presentation of Parent Academy

In the 2022-2023, a total of 74 parents made consistent efforts to equip themselves to support their children's learning. Of these, 48 received gold awards, 12 received silver awards, and 14 received bronze awards.

Ms. Nicole Li (1st left) presents award to the gold award winners of the Parent Academy


Mr. Jonathan Chan (1st right) presents award to the silver award winners of the Parent Academy

Ms. Susanna Wu (4th right) presents award to the bronze award winners of the Parent Academy


Sharing from Parent Academy’s Participants

The Parent Academy offers various workshops for NCS EM parents, to help improve their abilities to support their children's learning. Two parents shared their gains from participating in the Parent Academy, hoping to benefit more people on the same journey.

Ms. Sahul Hameed Katheejathul Fithr shares her difficulties in learning Chinese in Hong Kong and how she has benefited from the Project

Ms. Nawsath Banu shares that she has gained many practical learning resources from the project, such as language application guides and online storybook reading package, as well as how the workshops effectively help her and her children learn Chinese together


Culturally Distinctive Performances

Parents and students from the Parent Academy presented three exciting and culturally distinctive performances, showcasing the wonderful blend of different cultures and highlighting the value and importance of a diverse society.

‘Twist and Jump Sing-along’ - NCS children joyfully sing Cantonese nursery rhymes and dance, showcasing inclusiveness and embracing multiculturalism

‘Parent-child Bollywood Dance’ - families bond through performing delightful dance while also promoting understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures

‘Parent-child Kung Fu’ - Parents and children together showcase culturally distinctive martial arts forms and harmonious coordination


Game Booths and Experiential Workshops

On the day of the event, a series of game booths and experiential workshops were set up, allowing participants to learn about various cultures through interactive activities and experience the joy of learning Chinese.

Henna Station - workshop to experience the South Asian art

Traditional Chinese Dough Doll Workshop - Craft figurine with edible dough


Cultural-themed and Chinese Knowledge-based Game Booths

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